Hi, I’m Saalim.

(yes, I know I look ridiculous).

This isn’t a website about me or the typical venture capitalist extracts of their supreme wisdom website (you know, the ones where they opine prophetically about the future as if they do have a real crystal ball)

Alas, it’s just sharing parts of the process and bits of thinking that seemed helpful with some founders I’ve backed - usually from times we have tried to solve problems together. So, yes, the random files and documents get generated. Sorry to disappoint; I can only predict the future as well as the next average person.

Nothing is intended to be polished or a deliverable; it’s always a work in progress.

About me

<corporate version>
Saalim Chowdhury is one of Britain’s leading early-stage venture capitalists. Unusually for the UK, he’s spent much of his career building and developing startups, with two notable exits (to Cisco and Toptal) in technical roles. He’s spent the last 8 years backing and developing startups as a Partner at 500 Startups and Managing Director at Techstars. He’s backed and developed unicorns over the past 8 years, having run accelerators in over 18 countries working with 100’s of startups. Notably, most of his investments have been in diverse founders by most definitions of diversity, while retaining a healthy IRR. A proud Welshman, his career started at BCG. LinkedIn

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My musings and rants and other fun. But mostly presentation uploads.


I'm Saalim Chowdhury, a backer and developer of humans who seek to build things bigger than them. Also a swifty.